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How are teams determined? 

T-Ball and Rookie Division teams are determined by player requests, coaching requests, players attending the same school, and other similar criteria.  

Farm, Minors, and Majors Division teams are determined by the coaching staff "drafting" a team.  This allows teams to be more competitively balanced.

Can I make a teammate request? 

You can make teammate requests if your player is in the T-Ball and Rookie Division only.  We do not accept teammate requests for the Farm, Minors, or Majors Division.  This is per Little League Baseball rules as these teams have the potential of participating in post season play and would subsequently be disqualified.  Siblings of similar playing ability and/or age can be placed on the same team.

Why is there a volunteer fee of $300?  

Per the Little League Baseball rulebook: "Little League is an adult, volunteer work project constructed, supervised, and assisted by parents who want to extend this benefit to their children ... Parents must take the initiative to make the local program successful ... Little League is not a club in which membership implies babysitting benefits and entertainment privileges."  

Campbell Little League is a volunteer run, nonprofit organization.  Its success is dependent upon those who are willing to roll up their sleeves to give the players the best youth sporting experience possible.  We ask each family to volunteer a minimum of ten hours per season (essentially one hour per week) to help the league operate at its most effective level.  Many families volunteer much more than the minimum ten hours as they see the intrinsic rewards of volunteerism.  Families who choose not to volunteer can subsequently "buy out" of this requirement.  

Will there be other volunteer opportunities throughout the season? 

Yes.  There will be other volunteer opportunities throughout the season; however, most opportunities are on a first come, first serve basis and there is no guarantee that you will be selected for those later opportunities.

Is the role of "team parent" a volunteer opportunity?  If so, why was the option not given during the online registration process?  

Yes.  The role of "team parent" will be a volunteer opportunity which will satisfy the volunteer requirement.  There is only one team parent per team and the role will be chosen by the team manager as the team parent and manager work closely together.  The role of "team parent" is not an option during the online registration process because we do not know which team your player will be on and thus, there could be too many volunteers for the same position.  

Will I receive a refund if I pay the volunteer fee now and later complete the volunteer requirement?

Yes.  You will receive a refund via check at the end of the season upon completion and verification of your family's volunteer requirement.

Why is there a volunteer requirement for the snack shack as well?  

There is a two shift, snack shack volunteer requirement per family because the snack shack raises funds which help us to operate our league in a financially stable manner.  The funds generated from the snack shack primarily allows us to keep registration costs at a minimum.  The funds are also used for financial assistance for players in need, equipment purchases, facility maintenance, payment for utilities, cost of insurance, payment for practice fields, etc.  You will sign up for your snack shack shifts through the team parent.  You can opt out of your snack shack requirement for a fee of $75/shift.  

Is financial assistance available?  

Yes.  In an effort to allow all children to play baseball, Campbell Little League is proud to offer a limited amount of financial assistance to players in need.  To quality for financial assistance, a family must show a need, which is demonstrated by providing evidence of receiving financial assistance from a reputable social agency or government entity within the past six months.  Evidence could be in the form of: school district documentation for reduced or free lunch program; city vouchers for discounted services for the family (class, sports, or after school program); and/or documentation of receiving subsidized or financial assistance for food or housing.  

Please email [email protected] to inquire if financial assistance is available for your player.  


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